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What is Mediation?

What is Mediation? Mediation provides an environment in which the conflicting parties may exchange thoughts and possible resolutions utilizing a neutral party (the mediator). The goal of the mediation is for the parties to reach an agreement that is acceptable to all parties involved. The parties involved are more intimately involved in the conflict and are better equipped than the court to know the best solution. Often, these resolutions will be more creative than typically can be achieved by the Court.Mediations are: Voluntary - This provides for a much less tense atmosphere than you will find in court.Efficient – Often cases/conflicts can be resolved much quicker in mediation than litigation. This usually often leads to less economic expense for both parties.Non-Binding – Agreements are not finalized unless both parties agree. Confidential – All aspects of the mediation are to remain confidential. Additionally, in a litigation setting, there is usually a winner and loser; however, in mediation both parties maintain control over the outcome. If they don’t agree to the proposed settlement they are not bound by it.

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